Rant | Wayward Terran Frontier


Procedural planets

Posted On 31 Aug, 2015

Sorry guys, this next update is mostly visual improvements. Lets chat a bit about planets.

Faction design rant

Posted On 12 Aug, 2015

In this rant style blog post I start by talking about the faction update and become progressively more abstract as I go. The piece ends with a soapbox rant about why hiding information from yourself is the best practice for staying sane while working on complex code. In hindsight, this rant might exist precisely because I have failed to stay sane, so take it with a grain of salt.

What’s we’re up to

Posted On 3 Aug, 2015

We released a series of bug fixes in short succession, and now we have been working a bit longer on the next one. Here’s what we are doing.

Mono migration status update

Posted On 22 Jun, 2015

We’re moved to mono, like fully moved. Now we’re working on polishing the things we half added while waiting on shader fixes. Details follow.