Development | Wayward Terran Frontier


Christmas update preview

Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

We have a big update coming out next weekend which also happens to be the weekend before everyone starts taking time off work to sit at home in front of their computers drinking eggnog and playing space ship games. I want to release official patch notes after the patch is out, so right now I’m just going to group upcoming changes into categories and write summaries for them. We are busting our butts with testing and polishing right now as all of our planned content is in the game and just needs to be debugged.

New content is being tested

Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

Our latest batch of improvements and story content updates has gone out to testers on the private test branch. If I receive any positive feedback I will push to a new unstable test branch on steam for everyone to get an early preview and give some feedback, however until I do I will just be debugging and polishing as usual.

Upcoming content

Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

The last few updates have focused very heavily on the engine and on the polish, so we are delighted to be spending a large amount of time on the story progression for the current update. Lets preview some of the things that are coming.

0.6 update incoming

Posted On 26 Apr, 2017

I usually name these updates both before and after making them. Before making them I have an idea of what I intend to make, and then afterwards they are nothing like what I intended so I need a new name. This one started off as update and will be released as Oops.