Development | Wayward Terran Frontier


Art reveal video

Posted On 21 Jul, 2014

I recorded myself messing around and showing off some new art features. Take a tour of 2 new SSC industrial ships and check out the new asteroid mining mechanic.

Reactor redesign + art

Posted On 22 May, 2014

We’re redesigning reactor cores a bit. In this case not just their look is changing but also their mechanism. In the past you’ve built a reactor core and then placed up to four injectors around it, which was not the most intuitive design. We would like to preserve some attributes of the old system, for instance the ability to customize reactors and the idea that a more more powerful setup should be more expensive are remaining. However we also wanted the new system to be a bit more intuitive and fun to use than injectors were.

Reactors now consist of two parts, base and cores…

Peek at ship modules

Posted On 8 May, 2014

In this rather short post I would like to extend recent “Peek at ship interior”, show you some new interior modules and talk a bit about module tiers.

Peek at ship interiors

Posted On 30 Apr, 2014
quick bash

In Zero Falls, we are going to want the player to spend a little less time designing their ship, and a little more time flying their ship. To that end we are not only working on new modules, but also new rooms and living quarters to make your ship feel less like a design schematic and more like a real space vessel. What that means is that we are making a number of changes in how ship interiors look, and how they function from a design/layout perspective.

The two big changes are how hallways and doors will be laid out, and a new system that allows modules to react to player movement and action directly.