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A new direction

Posted On 17 Feb, 2014

So what’s the plan?

I’m working on a number of things, but right now it looks like plan B will be focusing on a singleplayer game built on the existing engine. I’m giving up multiplayer in the short term because it lets me develop at about 5x the rate, and I am going to work on publishing a complete singleplayer game experience for the first paid installation of Wayward Terran Frontier.

This will be a separate program from the existing game client. I have already researched extensively into self-publishing and I plan to accept pre-orders, and maybe even donations directly through this site.

Post KS plans

Posted On 15 Feb, 2014


Now that the funding thing is finally over I can focus on more important things, like developing a new plan that is totally less awesome, and maybe finding some help.

I have been working on a solution that will let me continue working on the project, but the scope of the first release is going to have to change drastically. If I want to do this thing without funding, something big is going to have to go, and I have put some thoughts into what that would be.

I’m not promising anything at this stage, but I have set some time aside to work things out and look into other options. News will be coming soon.

We have a wiki!

Posted On 27 Jan, 2014

We have partnered with curse to host the official Wayward Terran Frontier wiki, and man does it look shiny.

I have added links to the side bar and the community page, and you should check it out. This is a new wiki, so it’s not full of content yet, but as the community it will be partially your job to fill the thing with articles, so why not get started?

Link to official Wayward Terran Frontier Wiki

Alpha 4: more modding support

Posted On 23 Jan, 2014

So I just uploaded a new early version of patch #4. I say early as if it is unfinished, but most of what it adds is bug fixing.

Most of the bug fixing was around multiplayer which should be kinda sorta working now if you feel the need to try it out. I need to squash a lot more bugs, but it is already infinitely better than the last version so I decided to go ahead and launch what I had.