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New video

Posted On 25 Sep, 2014

Sorry there haven’t been more updates recently. I have been polishing and programming and adding art like crazy. Today I got the AI to use beam weapons properly…I also forgot that beam weapons aren’t perfectly balanced yet. The results were spectacular. Here is a video of my AI gunner taking out some wussy shuttles with a very big beam weapon. In the future, beam weapons like this will use more than zero energy, so you might have to wait a second or two between instantly disintegrating small unarmed transports.

aaaand we’re back!

Posted On 19 Apr, 2014

I saw We’re back, instead of I’m back, because the team has grown by over 200% during our bout of media silence. Specifically, I’ve been quiet because I was in contract negotiations with a talented artist type person. Everything worked out, and we’re a 2 man team now, arguably a 3 man team because I am still working very closely with Chris Kukla who is making an epic sound track for us.

Now I know what everyone’s first reaction will be. “But George, you’re such a genius, would not the project benefit from you doing all of the work yourself?” and I can understand your feelings. However, we tried that, and it sucked! So I say out with the old, and in with the new holy hell look how great everything looks all of a sudden!

Everyone please welcome Jan Orszulik to the Wayward Terran Frontier Dev team. If something around here has started to look amazing all of a sudden, it is probably his fault. I mean…have you seen the new website? I think maybe you have.

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WTF in full 3d! (4/1/14)

Posted On 1 Apr, 2014

Okay, so I know I have been holding back for some time now and you are all probably wondering what I have been working on. I’m sorry about that, I really am, but I think you are going to be more than pleased with what I have been doing:

Oculus Support

Wayward Terran Frontier has had some trouble getting off the ground because the outdated graphical style just doesn’t catch the eye the way a modern game should. Sure, the game has depth, and interesting gameplay mechanics, and a huge procedural world, but none of those can sell an indie game in today’s market which demands innovation!

Status update

Posted On 22 Mar, 2014

The project isn’t dead. Actually, things have been moving along pretty quickly. Part of the reason I haven’t been posting updates is because so much is still up in the air. I’m trying to avoid making any formal announcements since I don’t want to promise anything until I’m certain of the plan.

I can tell you that my time is still fully dedicated to the project. I’ve spent some time planning an entire new fork of the code, and I’m mapping out a proper singleplayer gameplay experience. I’ve also been programming some new engine features and I’ve already added some pretty cool stuff.