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Posted On 26 Feb, 2016

Sometimes fixing a bug reveals a new one. Station airlocks are fixed in this version, here’s why it happened and why we didn’t catch it: notes

Posted On 25 Feb, 2016

Steam key distribution system has been negotiated and is beginning development probably starting next Monday. We are looking at an ETA of 2-4 weeks with a strong “ish” at the end for good measure. In the mean time we haven’t been digging into any large content projects and have instead opted to make small, more manageable changes and fixes for now. Here are some of those. – notes

Posted On 20 Feb, 2016

Still working on store stuff, we are going to integrate steam key distribution with our existing store so that the process is as painless as possible. Since we are waiting on some things I have returned to bug fixing for now.

Free Zero Falls

Posted On 14 Oct, 2015

We’re giving away the current development build of Zero Falls to try and get some attention before our upcoming steam early access release. If you have been wanting to check out the game, but didn’t want to commit to buying it, now is your chance. http://store.wtfrontier.com/free Come check it out.