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New Shaders + animations

Posted On 22 Apr, 2014
Dynamic light gif

So lets talk about art creation in Wayward Terran Frontier…

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aaaand we’re back!

Posted On 19 Apr, 2014

I saw We’re back, instead of I’m back, because the team has grown by over 200% during our bout of media silence. Specifically, I’ve been quiet because I was in contract negotiations with a talented artist type person. Everything worked out, and we’re a 2 man team now, arguably a 3 man team because I am still working very closely with Chris Kukla who is making an epic sound track for us.

Now I know what everyone’s first reaction will be. “But George, you’re such a genius, would not the project benefit from you doing all of the work yourself?” and I can understand your feelings. However, we tried that, and it sucked! So I say out with the old, and in with the new holy hell look how great everything looks all of a sudden!

Everyone please welcome Jan Orszulik to the Wayward Terran Frontier Dev team. If something around here has started to look amazing all of a sudden, it is probably his fault. I mean…have you seen the new website? I think maybe you have.

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WTF in full 3d! (4/1/14)

Posted On 1 Apr, 2014

Okay, so I know I have been holding back for some time now and you are all probably wondering what I have been working on. I’m sorry about that, I really am, but I think you are going to be more than pleased with what I have been doing:

Oculus Support

Wayward Terran Frontier has had some trouble getting off the ground because the outdated graphical style just doesn’t catch the eye the way a modern game should. Sure, the game has depth, and interesting gameplay mechanics, and a huge procedural world, but none of those can sell an indie game in today’s market which demands innovation!