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New HTML widget + gameplay progress

Posted On 14 Oct, 2014

  We’ve added a new feature to the main page. It gives a neat interactive preview of some ship modules and the new animated internal artwork. Check it out here. Also I want to talk a bit about what I have been working on so much lately: Singleplayer gameplay.

New video

Posted On 25 Sep, 2014

Sorry there haven’t been more updates recently. I have been polishing and programming and adding art like crazy. Today I got the AI to use beam weapons properly…I also forgot that beam weapons aren’t perfectly balanced yet. The results were spectacular. Here is a video of my AI gunner taking out some wussy shuttles with a very big beam weapon. In the future, beam weapons like this will use more than zero energy, so you might have to wait a second or two between instantly disintegrating small unarmed transports.

Added some new media

Posted On 3 Sep, 2014

I’ve had some fun playing with video recording software lately because I added a new feature that lets me slow the passage of ingame time. If you like slow motion videos of space ship combat action, then check out this video that I made for no reason at all: I’ve also taken the liberty of updating the media page with some new images we have been creating. feel free to pop over there and check out the stuff towards the top. Coming soon: A whole bunch of animated gifs.

Art reveal video

Posted On 21 Jul, 2014

I recorded myself messing around and showing off some new art features. Take a tour of 2 new SSC industrial ships and check out the new asteroid mining mechanic.