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In development: 0.3.5 overview

Posted On 23 Jun, 2016

3.5 is a big update. We often spend a bit longer making an update that changes some large systems, and takes a while longer to polish, but I think this may rank with some of the biggest. It’s inflation to the rank of largest patch to date went something like this:

World-gen update blog-rant

Posted On 6 May, 2016

New video inside

World Overhaul

Posted On 28 Apr, 2016

We have been hard at work designing the next big content patch for Zero Falls. This will be another big one, and we are still going to be working on it for a while. Here’s the short summary of what we are working on.

Steam Keys are live

Posted On 21 Apr, 2016

If you have been waiting to redeem your steam key, you can now head over to the store and redeem it.