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patch notes to

Posted On 27 Aug, 2016

We released a bunch of small updates and none were big enough to bother with a patch note announcement, but then I let it sit for a while without posting any and I forgot. Anyhow, here is the list of changes up to version – change notes

Posted On 14 Aug, 2016

We’ve been doing a lot of bug fixing lately. Here’s a roundup of everything we’ve changed since launch. change list

Posted On 8 Aug, 2016

It’s finally here. It fixes some core stability issues and adds a ton of new places for bugs to hide. Debugging Zero Falls now requires a basic understanding of economics. Come read about all the new features and gameplay in Zero Falls version, or if you just love bullet point lists, we’ve got a lot of them for you.

Economy dev-rant video

Posted On 5 Jul, 2016

Click to watch the video.