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Free Zero Falls

Posted On 14 Oct, 2015

We’re giving away the current development build of Zero Falls to try and get some attention before our upcoming steam early access release. If you have been wanting to check out the game, but didn’t want to commit to buying it, now is your chance. Come check it out.

World Design – Prefabs

Posted On 2 Oct, 2015

We originally promised a game that takes place in an infinite procedural world yet consists of lots of hand-mapped areas. Today I have successfully tested the system that will make that possible, read more to find out how it’s going to work. Changes

Posted On 16 Sep, 2015

You click, read things now.

GPU particles

Posted On 9 Sep, 2015

In my last post I talked about our new GPU based 3d procedural planets, and those are still being tweaked and tuned and enhanced before they are ready to go live, but that isn’t the only massive overhaul we have planned in patch. Lets talk about our new particle system.