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Posted On 7 May, 2015

Information about the patch. Reduced the maximum number of stations that can spawn in a sector Fixed a bug where ships that collide with something during the process of spawning could create an index overflow Found and removed some useless duplicate code relating to airlocks Made a new system for airlocks that no longer requires generating the entire ship/station interior. This has a huge effect on the time and memory cost of transitioning between sectors. Fixed a minor visual artifact with post processing Fixed a bug that allowed you to enter a sector before it had finished loading Updated all methods for entering a ship: forced them to generate the ship interior if it didn’t already exist Fixed a bug where monsters added to a ship could remove monsters that were already there Monster movement speeds tweaked Monster pathfinding improved Monster melee hit calculations improved Your health now displays if your shield or health is damaged Fixed a crash that could happen very rarely if the the AI managed to transition between sectors at the exact corner between diagonal sectors Increased spawn rate of decent guns in stations Removed the silly nuke cannon from loot tables. It wasn’t supposed to be there. – patch notes

Posted On 3 May, 2015

Notes for both the big update and the bug fixes that followed shortly after. patch summary

Posted On 22 Apr, 2015

This patch focused on stability improvements. I just spent a few weeks hunting memory leaks and fixing bugs and the game runs a lot better now. We also added some new stuff so click to read more. – patch notes

Posted On 7 Apr, 2015

This was a huge series of updates that all came out yesterday and today. Click for detailed patch notes.